degrees & prizes



2023 "Elegy"
Commissioned by Ensemble Wiener Collage

2023 "Just and Comprehensive Peace"
Commissioned by Ensemble Aventure Freiburg founded by The Ernst von Siemens Foundation

2023 Guitar Quartet - Cairo Guitar Collective - Cairo
Guitar Quartet

2022 "Havarie" Bloomsday 2022 - Salzburg

2021 Classic Pure Vienna International Music Competition

2020 Osterfestival Tirol Funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation:
Commission for "Mother" for Counter tenor, Recorder and Violin

2020 Avant - Garde Arab Music Project:
Commission for String Quartet No. II

2018 stART Festival Salzburg:
Commission for two vocal works "Es gibt genug" and "Haupt fFigur bei Schnee""

2017 The Cairo Guitar Collevtive:A case of meditation:
"A case of meditation" For two Guitars

2016 Beethovenfest Bonn:
Commission for solo piano "F.B.I. Face Book Information"
World premiere: Kammerspiele Bad Godesberg, Seda Röder

2015 ECME Negmeyat:
Commission for "Lonely, I am lonely" for Arabic oud, singer and western ensemble
World premiere: El-Manisterly Palace, Cairo
Conductor: Peter Tilling

2014 Salzburger Festspiele:
Commission for "Rhadopis, A Novel for a large ensemble"
Conductor: Titus Engel

2014 Eclat Festival:
Commission for Vocal Work "Faith"
World premiere: Theaterhaus Stuttgart; Neue Vocalsolisten Ensemble

2012 stART Festival:
Commission for "Utopia"
World premiere: ARGE Kultur-Salzburg; ÖNM Ensemble

2011 Crashkurse Festival:
Commission for Chamber Orchestra "Etappe"
World premiere: Schauspielhaus Hannover; orchester im treppenhaus

2010 Bregenzer Festspiele:
Commission for String quartet
World premiere: Bregenzer Festspielhaus-Seestudio; LUX Ensemble

2009 Salzburg Biennale:
Commission for the biennial part 04: Klaus Huber and the Arabic Music – Composition for Western and Arabic Ensembles:
"For the sake of Allah, I deserve nothing less than glory"
World premiere: Solitär Mozarteum Salzburg; OENM and Al Kindi Ensembles, Conductor: Arturo Tamayo

2007 OENM:
Commission for “Isis and Maria”
World premiere: Kollegienkirche
Salzburg, Conductor: Johannes Kalitzke

2007 Wiener Collage Ensemble:
Commission for “Message
World premiere: Arnold Schönberg Center

2006 ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music):
Commission for the ISCM Festival Opening Concert 2006 by Musik der Jahrhunderte, Stuttgart: Opera without scene for mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass, narrator, CD and grand Orchestra: "The book of going forth by day"
World premiere: The Theaterhaus Stuttgart; Stuttgart Radio Symphony
Orchestra, Conductor: Lukas Vis

2005 Global Interplay:
Establishment of the Global Interplay workshop for contemporary
composition in Cairo - Intercultural exchange among young composers
from five different cultures (Accra - Beijing - Berlin - Cairo - New York),
supported by Musik der Jahrhunderte, Stuttgart